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Laser cutting in Pietermaritzburg

Laser cutting in Pietermaritzburg

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Laser Cutting

Welcome to the website that offers affordable laser cut signage in Pietermaritzburg. Laser cut lettering offers the consumer top-class, long lasting and precision signage at competitive prices. We are specialists in cutting on a variety of materials including mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium and more. Get in touch to find out about more compatible material options.
In keeping up with the advancement of technology today, Sign360 has introduced laser cutting to the vast amount of services we offer. Laser cutting involves the letters being shaped with accuracy by the heat that is generated by the machines laser. Less contact which the object being cut means the likelihood of damage is greatly reduced. Neat and precise polished edges are the end result.

Precision laser cut lettering

With many businesses either starting up or growing and expanding daily, the demand for signage has increased significantly. We are constantly looking at ways to save time in order to get on with more important business matters. Laser cutting ensures that there are no mistakes that will result in repeat production.
Our skilled graphic designers will work with you to come up with an intricate or even simple design for your business. Whether you need lettering for the interior or exterior of a building or office, we will supply a design that will generate the maximum exposure possible. From large corporate companies, to small corner coffee shops, we produce signage solutions that are compatible for all business types.

What are the benefits of Laser Cut Signage?

  • They add that “wow factor” to your business.
  • Easily readable signs draw attention.
  • They are durable and meant to last long in harsh conditions.
  • Maintenance is virtually non-existent. Simply wipe your letters with a cloth to keep them clean.
  • They are cost-effective which makes them an ideal choice for any business.
  • Excellent results are achieved on a diverse range of materials and done in theleast amount of time compared to traditional cutting methods.
  • Workplace injuries are greatly reduced as the cutting procedure involves very little human intervention beside programming, cleaning and maintenance.

New-Age Sign Solutions

Laser finished letters and shapes provide the consumer with the tools to create eye-catching marketing strategies. Whether you need to do POS, indoor or outdoor advertising, you can rest assured that your project will turn heads.
We understand the importance of producing work at the highest standards possible and at the fastest turn-around time. At Sign360, we use only the best and most powerful laser cutting machines on the market. They come equipped with computer-controlled programming that produce only the best quality and smoothest edges.
Interested in advertising your business using laser cut lettering? Get in touch with our friendly staff and let us help make your designs a reality. We will assist in the conception and completion of your project.
If you find yourself at a loss for a design, we will help inspire you with suggestions from our professional team. Customer satisfaction and offering the most competitive prices is what we strive for.