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Rebranding company Pietermaritzburg


Is your company in need of a much needed change in corporate image? Let the team at Sign360 help you revamp your existing branding and breathe new life into it. Our in-house team of experienced graphic designers are here to assist you in rebranding your business. We believe that it is a rewarding process that will deliver significant commercial as well as financial benefits in the long-term. 

When it comes to rebranding a business, our designers and shop fitters can design and install a style customised to your business. If your company has expanded and now offer a wider range of products or services, or you happen to be expanding into the international market, then business rebranding could just be the right decision. 

Business rebranding services in PMB

Should you do a partial or total rebrand? That is a major question when you are thinking about changing your image. It is important to note that if your business is an established one that has been around for many years, a partial rebrand would make more sense. That way, you keep your established and loyal clients, all while refreshing the image of your company. 

For less established businesses however, a partial rebrand would be the way to go. Getting on a new tag line, logo, or changing your colour scheme can be a refreshing and welcoming change.

Why choose Sign360 to rebrand?

  • We offer our clients in Pietermaritzburg a practical way to get the edge over their competitors by effectively rebranding your business to suit your needs
  • We understand rebranding can be a costly undertaking that’s why we offer competitive prices on a variety of rebranding services.
  • Our experienced and highly trained technicians and designers ask the right questions enabling us to easily translate your vision
  • We keep up with the ever-changing, and fast paced world of technology to bring you the latest and most high-tech products and services possible.
  • Our graphic designers and printers will sit down with you and discuss the best options for rebranding your stationary, vehicles, banners and any other print or digital branding you would like to change or revamp
  • We provide our services and expertise to clients all over Pietermaritzburg

Successfully rebranding a business

Your business or company is much more than just a name and a logo. It is the trust and relationships you have built with your clients. Some brands were not meant to last forever. Successfully rebranding your business to give it new life can be a tough undertaking as it requires keeping in touch with the ever-changing technology trends. 

There are rules to follow when deciding to rebrand. Times change and so do your clients. Changing along with them would be a smart move in maintaining their business. Rebranding can help you to get the edge over competitors who are taking a big chunk out of your business and forcing you to evolve. 

Get in touch with the expert team at Sign360 and let us guide and advise you on whether rebranding is the best option for you. We will be happy to hep you our suppliers allowing us to give our customers the best quality at the most reasonable prices.