Rubber Stamps in PMB

Despite what you may think, rubber stamps are by no means out-dated. They have been around for over 150 years and are still used and trusted by millions around the globe. In today’s digital world, there are surprisingly, a lot of companies that still utilise printed paper. Rubber stamps are an effective way of helping identity what invoices have been paid, which are pending payment or faxed and so on…
Get the most out of your stamp by using it to market your business and customise your stationary and office supplies all with one stroke of the hand. Save time by marking large amounts of paper in a fraction of the time it would take you to write it.
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Time and Money-Saving Stamps

The time saving feature of rubber stamps means an increase in productivity in the workplace. You will enjoy the added advantage of getting more work done in a fraction of the time it would normally take you.
We pride ourselves on maintaining an extensive range of rubber stamps that meet all business and personal requirements. Our prices are reasonable and we can offer same day stamp services. Do you need a stamp in a hurry? Our skilled and efficient staff members except rush orders.

Custom Rubber Stamps

Design and create your own custom rubber stamp at Sign360. From addresses to logos to signatures, we offer quality, cost-effective stamps. The clarity that rubber stamps offer means you will never struggle to read illegible handwriting again.
Need to inform your customers of how and when you will be conducting business during the Covid-19 lock down? Customise a stamp reminding them. We can produce custom stamps that visually remind consumers about social distancing and staying safe by hand sanitising. The possibilities and options are endless.
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rubber stamps in pmb

Cost-EffectiveSelf-Inking Stamps

Save time and money with our durable, long lasting self-inking stamps. That’s right, no re inking needed. Before each impression, the mount on the pad re-inks the rubber allowing you to stamp quicker than ever with a minimum amount of pressure. Enjoy clean, crisp impressions and superior quality.
They are refillable and you can choose from an array of colours that compliment your business or project. Get quality images and text that will last you for thousands of impressions which makes them ideal for home, office, school or personal use

Rubber Stamps by Sign 360 PMB

If you are unsure of the right stamp to purchase for your business or project, speak to the professionals at Sign360. We will be happy to help you decide on the best and most suitable options for you. We have been helping clients for many years with high-quality stamps at competitive and affordable prices.
Together with you, we can create a custom stamp that will inject life into your brand. We take the utmost pride in our work and will continue to provide our clients with only the very best service possible.
Find out just why our customers rate us among the leading rubber stamp manufactures and suppliers in Pietermaritzburg.