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Digital Wallpaper

Bespoke wallpaper in Pietermaritzburg

We believe that a white painted wall is a missed opportunity. Our clients realize that digital wallpaper printing technology enables them to take advantage of a wide range of branding opportunities. SIGN 360 specialises in bespoke wallpapers – creating that feature wall with a special touch. From photos, collages, unique designs and 3D effects, we will bring your brand to life. Whatever your project, we can deliver just what you need, right when you need it. Digital imaging and printing is the future.

Custom digital wallpaper

Why not compliment your space with custom wallpaper that represents you. Our dynamic team of professionals will offer you quintessential installation on a range of wallpapers that include remarkable finishes along with breath-taking print quality. 



You will have control over the process from start to finish. Transform your interior with custom wall art from photographs, to your favourite illustrations that will fit any wall and match the theme of your interior. We provide the finest quality, durable paper that is easy to clean and will bring you and your family years of pleasure. 



If you own a business and are looking to feature your branding or corporate identity, then bespoke wallpaper should be your first choice in giving your company an innovative new twist

Digital art wallpaper

  • One of the main reasons our customers in Pietermaritzburg choose digital wallpaper, is for the visually aesthetic pleasure of it. There are some things that a coat of paint simply cannot do. Digital wall art décor will enhance the durability as well as the longevity of your walls all while offering that “welcoming depth”
  • We all want to save money don’t we? Although paint will cost you less in the short term, bespoke digital wallpaper offers you value for money in the long term. No more repainting every few years which is great for your budget. That fresh appearance will last much longer than an average paint job.
  • Digital wallpaper is also an excellent way to conceal those eye-sore cracks onyour wall all while bringing a designer appearance to your space.
  • When painting your wall, there is always the risk of blemishes, chip marks andsuch resulting in a cover-up. Wall graphics, or digital art wallpaper, eliminatesthe wear and tear factor that paint simply cannot offer

Wall art decor

If you’re ready to transform your wall with a digital print then factor in the pattern you desire as well as the texture and colour. The team at SIGN 360 are ready to assist and guide you through the process of designing and creating the perfect mural to fit your wall. We use the latest state-of-the-art and most innovative products available on the market today. 


If you have a pattern in mind whether it be a new, existing, or a custom one, get in touch with our specialists now. We offer our customers professional installation across Pietermaritzburg. We have a passion and vigour for the work we do. Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us. Every effort is made to provide our valued customers with the very best service by giving them the best pricing and fastest turnaround time. 


We aim to meet the needs and demands of our customers by always adapting ourselves to the current trends in the signage industry. Over the decades we have managed to create a superb relationship with our suppliers allowing us to give our customers the best quality at the most reasonable prices. Signage and branding is our business